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Gift Vouchers & Gift Cards Idea

A great idea for gift giving. We’ve got some really unusual little envelopes that make great containers for putting gift cards inside, also for putting gift vouchers or voucher printouts inside. They can also be used for putting real money inside when giving cash as a gift to someone special.

Their proper name is Benham Small Silks – and always have a theme showing something relevant in history with a stamp and postmark to match as well. Measuring approx. 16cm (6.5 inch) x 9cm (3.5 inch) they are not sealed so can be used for our idea or for something else gifty you can think of. A collection would look good in a multi-frame as well.

Take a quick look. Priced so as not to ‘break the bank’. Postage is by weight not individual items so if you would like more than one the chances are the postage will be much the same.

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